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The intent of the Wisconsin Career Guide is to support individuals in identifying career paths within the field of early care and education. Links are provided to connect individuals to the organizations with which they may be interested in seeking employment. Links are also provided to sites with information on educational and degree requirements. Resources are also identified to support individuals seeking to further their education through credit based work.

Employment Options identifies positions which involve working directly with children, such as being a classroom teacher. Individual sectors, such as Head Start and Child Care are highlighted. Employment options also identifies positions which involve working directly with families to support the development of their child(ren), such as Home Visitor and Birth to Three Service Coordinator.

Professional Associations identifies positions working within agencies whose mission is to advocate for policy and legislative change that supports the well-being of children and families.

Professional Advancement identifies positions which involve providing training and technical assistance, continuing education and systems supports to early care and education professionals working directly with children and families. Professional advancement also includes resources and information specific to teacher licensure for individuals seeking employment in sectors requiring specific licenses.

Resources highlights additional resources that individuals looking to build a career in the field of early care and education may find helpful.