Curriculum and Assessment: Child Assessment

Comprehensive and Aligned System for Early Childhood Screening and Assessment: Wisconsin's Blueprint 3rd Ed, (pdf) 2016 - Provides information and resources to help build a strong system of screening and assessment, ensuring children are provided what they need from early learning professionals.

Alternative Approaches for Literacy Fundamentals (pdf) - WDPI Sep 30, 2016

Exploring Options for Kindergarten Entrance Assessment (KEA) for the State of WI 2015 -Jan 2016 update (pdf)

Strategic Assessment (website) - By gathering and utilizing information from formative, interim, and summative assessments, a Strategic Assessment System ensures educators can directly impact student achievement.

Early Childhood Assessment: Why, What, and How (website) - This website provides the link to the Free downloadable version of this resource book.

Comprehensive Early Childhood Screening and Assessment Systems: Thinking Outside the Box, 2015 (pdf) - Article discussing a balanced assessment process that provides quality data to drive planning, both at the child level and across educational programs and institutions.

Recommendations & Guidance for Selection of Published Assessment Tools - Appendix B, (pdf) - pg 56 of Blueprint (item 1 above) this page provides guidance for selecting assessment tools that are used with children aged birth to 6.

Understanding & Choosing Assessments & Developmental Screeners for Young Children Ages 3-5: Profiles of Selected Measures (pdf) - A compendium that summarizes a variety of information, indlucing reliability and validity data for numerous tools used for assessing children age 2 1/2 - 6.

On-going Assessment Overview (video)- Presented by Mary McLean, Ph.D, this presentation reviews the many facets of assessment and discusses best practices.

An Early Childhood Balanced System of Screening & Assessment - (pdf) Universal screening (all developmental & content areas) should be conducted with all children for formative assessment (to guide instruction) and Child Find; use of multiple measures is recommended including a standardized screening tool that is easy to administer, score, & interpret. Also charts best practices for Screening/assessment by purpose.

On-going Assessment (video)- Mary McLean, Ph.D

Updated 12/8/2016